Helping Reshape our Calgary Skyline | Tervita’s Look at the Past Decade

JULY 20 /

Over the past decade, the Calgary skyline has seen substantial changes. Creative minds are working to reimagine spaces to meet the growing needs of our city and revitalize existing areas.

At Tervita, we are proud of the contribution we have made to help safely reinvigorate our community. Our expert demolition team has helped lay the foundation for several sites by clearing the way for new designs.


8th Avenue Place

Located in the heart of the city, we had the opportunity to complete the demolition, site preparation and remediation for the development of the new 172,000 m2 twin-tower complex.

Amazingly we removed over 175,000 m3 of soil gravel and rock material and brought in our local ultra-high reach excavator, with a maximum reach of 140 ft, to support the demolition.


Saddledome and Big Four Building

In 2013 the Calgary Stampede grounds and facilities were ravaged by floodwaters. Our team quickly mobilized to support the flood recovery, interior demolition and cleaning and disinfection for the Saddledome Arena and Big Four building.

Over 500 of our employees and support staff gathered at the grounds to support the clean up for the 2013 Stampede.


Bonnybrook Bridge

The Bonnybrook rail bridge suffered major damages during the floods of 2013. Our team came in to complete the demolition and removal of the bridge.

The bridge consisted of 600 tonnes of steel and 120 tonnes of rail and wooden rail ties, spanning 220 feet across the river.


York Hotel

 In preparation for the building of The Bow in downtown Calgary, Tervita managed the unique demolition of a ten-storey hotel.

The site had a small footprint and the tight schedule required our team to get creative. We lifted one of our CAT 325D with a UP20 processor onto the roof of the building and demolished it from the top down.


Currie Barracks

Our demolition team completed the abatement and demolition of four unused military buildings in Calgary’s Currie neighbourhood to support the realization of their Community Plan.

4,000 tonnes of asphalt and 6,000 tonnes of concrete were processed and recycled for use in the new development.


CBC Building

After six decades in the same location along the Bow River, the CBC relocated and Tervita managed the building demolition to support future residential development in a highly desirable area.

1,500 tonnes of debris was hauled to a local recycler, 4,590 tonnes of concrete, brick and cinderblock were processed and recycled, and 465 tonnes of various metals were salvaged and recycled.


Looking back at the past decade, we are proud to be a part of such a diverse and resilient city. Home to many of our experts and much of our equipment fleet, Calgary has been a large part of our company for the last 40 years.

Although times have changed, one thing is certain, Calgary will continue to adapt and we will continue to do it safely together.