Tervita Opens New Waste Facility To Expand Environmental Services In Barnett Shale

HOUSTON, TEXAS--(Marketwire - Sept. 4, 2012) - Tervita Corporation, a leading North American environmental and energy services company, has added a treatment, recovery and disposal (TRD) facility to its Vortex site, north of Alvarado, Texas, to provide solid and fluid waste management solutions to oil and gas companies in the Barnett Shale.

By combining a new TRD with the existing salt water disposal well and engineered landfill at Vortex, Tervita provides a one-stop facility for the region's oil and gas explorers and producers, minimizing industry's overall waste processing costs by reducing travel distances between drilling and waste sites.

"Oil and gas companies in the Barnett Shale are looking for environmentally sustainable ways to maintain the drilling activity and manage the waste produced at their sites," said Phil Vogel, president, Tervita U.S. "Vortex is a high-volume, state-of-the-art facility that will become a premier center for waste processing in the Barnett Shale. Vortex is designed to minimize the impact to the community while providing clients with the most cost-effective and environmental-friendly way to manage waste."

Tervita now offers customers more services at Vortex, a facility which has been strategically located close to oil and gas operations. This location allows for a significant reduction of traffic on Highway 67, throughout north Texas, and enables customers to improve safety while minimizing traffic, road wear and greenhouse gas emissions.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Vortex will support the area's active oil and gas industry and grow local economy through investment and jobs that will meet the increasing need to develop the area's natural resources responsibly.

The Vortex TRD will employ up to 20 workers from the region and its operational investments will contribute to the community each year.

"Our environmental services and facilities not only play a vital role in the oil and gas industry but also help ensure a robust local economy," Vogel said.

In addition to the Vortex facility, Tervita offers a variety of environmental solutions in the United States, including other TRD facilities, landfills and salt water disposal facilities.

For more information on Tervita's service offerings, visit www.tervita.com/about-tervita/facilities-and-locations.

About Tervita

Tervita is a leading North American environmental and energy services company. Our 4,600 dedicated employees partner with natural resource and industrial companies who share our values, and work with them to create a sustainable future. Safety is our highest priority: it influences our actions, guides our decisions and shapes our culture. We maintain a strategically located network of more than 95 state-of-the-art waste management facilities and a fleet of specialized equipment and assets to help customers address production and operational waste challenges. Our highly effective, convenient and environmentally sound solutions help minimize environmental impact and maximize returns.


Tervita TRD facilities are specially designed, built and licensed to treat and dispose of oilfield waste. Similarly, our landfills, caverns and disposal wells are also highly regulated and licensed for particular waste streams.

Oilfield waste in the form of mixed fluids and solids is transported by truck from a well site to a TRD. The adjacent diagram illustrates the steps.



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