Environment & Regulatory

The work we do is designed to mitigate the environmental impact associated with development activities while maximizing the value of the resources extracted from the earth. Doing so responsibly is our bottom line. 

We have a foundation of deep regulatory knowledge and a comprehensive environmental management system that promotes environmental leadership beyond regulatory compliance requirements. Our compliance program includes regular third-party and internal reviews of our facilities, audits to meet regulatory approval, and technologically advanced facility design to mitigate any potential environmental impact. Tervita works with government regulators, sharing input and ideas to encourage effective regulatory policy development concerning waste and environmental management. 

Caring about our people, assets and our ability to reduce industry’s impact on the environment is a core value at Tervita. For more information, see our Health, Safety and Environment Policy.

Supporting Our Industry and Environment in More Ways Than One

JULY 2 /
Tervita has been supporting the environmental efforts of the OWA for several years and is proud to be listed as a Prime Contractor for both their Pipeline and Facility Decommissioning and Remediation and Reclamation work.

Creative Planning Helps to Successfully Return Former Wellsite to Pre-Disturbed State

MAY 15 /
In 2017 our customer intended to close one of their wellsites and return the land to its surrounding land use. Their commitment to environmental compliance and safety brought Tervita to the forefront with a creative way to bring the site back to the natural environment.

Community Waste Round Up

Tervita employees organize and participate in yearly Household Hazardous Waste Round-up events at several First Nations communities.