Our Responsibility

Our business was founded on reducing environmental impact for our customers and the nature of our business demands that we are guided by responsible environmental stewardship. Increased attention to Environment Social and Governance (ESG) has emerged as a key focus in the investment world and is becoming increasingly important to our customers, employees and community partners.

Our continued success relies on incorporating ESG goals and commitments into all aspects of our company’s growth strategy and future endeavors. We strive to partner with our customers to help meet their ESG commitments while delivering on ours.

Tervita's 2019 Sustainability Report is the company's inaugural report and marks a milestone in our sustainability journey. The report shares our 2019 performance while noting opportunities to improve and further integrate sustainability into our long-term business strategy with the following principles:

  • Environment – conducting our business in a way that is focused on providing solutions that mitigate the environmental impacts of our operational activities and those of our customers while meeting or exceeding all regulations
  • Safety – actively engaging everyone throughout the company to adhere to our safety standards because if we aren’t safe, nothing else matters
  • People – providing a safe, healthy, engaging, and inclusive work environment for people
  • Community – engaging our communities and Indigenous partners to support sustainability objectives and seek opportunities to collaborate
  • Governance – operating in alignment with our corporate governance framework and providing transparency in reporting

Our commitment is to continue building our ESG roadmap for future reporting by publishing a report on an annual basis. We look forward to expanding our sustainability practices to improve our performance as part of our long-term business strategy. 

For related information, please visit our Environment, Social and Governance page.