Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Tervita is committed to delivering the highest standards of health, safety and environmental performance. We believe that Safety Matters in All that we do and that no one should suffer harm at work. The policy statement below defines our commitments to our employees, clients, partners and shareholders.

We will deliver our operations and services in ways that:

  • Protect the health, including the physical, psychological, and social well-being, of our employees;
  • Protect the safety of our employees, including the prevention of incidents and injuries, so that our people can return home unharmed;
  • Prevent pollution and minimize our impact on the environment; and
  • Responsibly manage all aspects of our business to fulfill compliance obligations.

We will achieve this through:

  • Leaders at all levels placing health, safety and environment at the top of their agenda;
  • Clear objectives set to measure our performance and support continuous improvement;
  • Tervita management and supervisory levels providing appropriate resources, support and training to ensure safe work and accomplish health, safety and environmental objectives;
  • Tervita employees being responsible for identifying hazards, determining risk, and being involved in the risk control process;
  • Personnel having the authority and responsibility to refuse and stop work without repercussion when an unsafe situation is identified;
  • Transparent investigations and open communications on health, safety and the environment to increase awareness;
  • Operational audits and inspections to support compliance with legislation and our policies, standards, objectives and targets;
  • Direction of those who work with us to meet our standards; and
  • Tervita employees being responsible for adhering to our Health, Safety and Environment Management System.