BC Dormant Site Reclamation Program

Our communities are important. As our industry works to responsibly develop our natural resources, it is important that we properly return completed sites back to their surrounding environment.

As a local B.C. company, our employees, family, friends and communities are invested in supporting our industry and the environment. Tervita approximately 200 British Columbians with four offices, two landfills, five soil bioremediation facilities, one hazardous waste management facility, five treatment and disposal facilities, and two metal recycling facilities.

As we navigate the impacts of energy prices and COVID-19 in our communities, we want to support job creation and partnerships in the provinces that we live, work and play in.

Let’s work together to create a positive impact.

Planning Tools

Figuring out how to best take advantage of a new government program can be a time-consuming task. There are high-level strategies to develop, plans to create and information to gather. Our Environmental Services experts are working to create helpful tools that can help streamline your site applications by tying together program strategies with sites.

Fill out the form to gain access to useful planning tools!

As the program progresses we will work to keep providing you with more valuable information, support and tools.

Dormant Sites Program Overview

Launched on May 25, the program can use $100 million funded by the Federal Government to clean up dormant oil and gas wells in our province. The goal of this program is to support B.C jobs in the oil and natural gas service sector and increase our environmental stewardship.

For more information on the program, visit the British Columbia Government website. The Government has also posted an FAQ document.

 Oil and Gas Activity Permit Holders

Your sites that have been defined as dormant under the Dormancy and Shutdown Regulation may be eligible for government funding to speed up abandonment, contaminated site investigations, reclamations and remediations.

This program can help to offset your costs and reduce your liabilities.

Tervita offers B.C. based support experienced in the existing regulatory framework and we have developed work plans that meet all COVID-19 related health and safety requirements.

Our team can help you in planning and prioritizing your applications in addition to our other services including:

Consulting Services

  • Phase 1 and 2 environmental site assessments, preliminary and detailed site investigations
  • Tier 2 site assessments including subsoil salinity tool
  • Contaminant assessment and remediation
  • Soil, groundwater and surface water monitoring programs
  • Site-specific liability assessments
  • Site reclamation and vegetation monitoring
  • Reclamation assessments and certificates

Contracting Services

  • Wellsite abandonment and cut and cap
  • Pipeline segment removal
  • Facility demolition (compressor stations, drill site operations)
  • Test pitting, Soil Excavation, Remediation and Reclamation of sites
  • Material disposal (soil, hazardous waste, metals)  

Indigenous Peoples, Landowners and Local Communities

If you are an Indigenous Community, Landowner or Local B.C. Government, you may nominate sites on your territory/property/district for consideration under this program. The online site nomination process opens on June 15, 2020.

If you have any questions on potential sites you would like to nominate and what information may be required contact Kristie Lee at klee@tervita.com.

Suppliers, Vendors and Subcontractors

The goal of this program is to help our industry. If you have an offering that would support the success of the dormant site reclamation work Tervita will be taking part in, view our Vendors page for more information on how to get set up.

Let’s work together to support each other, our industry and our environment during this unexpected time.

Five Stages of a Successful Wellsite Reclamation

To successfully remediate and reclaim a wellsite, there are five stages that a site must go through. Each stage has certain requirements to be met and ways Tervita can support you.

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