Bin Services

Containment is an area where we excel. We offer you thousands of options for ensuring that your transported waste materials remain secure from site to disposal, particularly when transported over open water. 

Managing hazardous waste is our primary business and the meticulous precautions we take secure and contain waste materials for their entire journey from site to disposal. You will have complete confidence that our processes ensure your hazardous waste materials are grouped correctly and packaged according to the stringent and often complex regulations governing waste handling practices.   

We have more than 10,000 bins of various sizes across Canada – offering customers one of the widest selections of waste shipping containers, as well as hundreds of options for conventional receptacles. Bins are ideal for small volume contaminated soil, catalyst, activated carbons, solid sulphur and desiccants. We also offer one of the widest selections of United Nations-certified shipping containers and hundreds of options for conventional receptacles. In addition, we use secondary containment liners to help further reduce the risks of leakage.