Bin Services

At Tervita we excel in containment. With a huge inventory of standard and custom waste containers, we specialize in creating a waste program that fits your operations. Whether it is one site or hundreds, our team will make sure you have the containers you need when and where you need them, keeping you compliant to the stringent and often complex regulations governing waste handling practices.

We have more than 10,000 containers of various sizes across Canada – offering customers one of the widest selections of waste shipping containers, and many options for conventional receptacles.

With the largest containerized hazardous waste bins available on the market at 2.7m3, our goal is to maximize your onsite waste capacity and minimize your overall costs and environmental impact. To simplify the bin rental process, we offer per bin pricing that includes:


Filter Bin

Volumes: 1.0 m3 1.2 m3 2.7 m3

Application: Ideal for the containment of a wide variety of filters (Sock, Amie, spin-on, etc.), contaminated rags and absorbent pads.

Self- Heating Bin

Volumes: 1.2 m3 2.7 m3

Application: Specialty bins for spontaneously combustible materials/self-heating filters.

Features: The addition of a gasket on the metal bin reduces exposure to air when the lid is closed. 


Soil Bin

Volumes: 1.2 m3 1.4 m3

Application: For small volumes of contaminated soil, catalyst, activated carbons, solid sulphur and desiccants.

Features: The 1.4 m3 units are wide enough to accommodate loading with a skid steer bucket.   Soil chariots are available to hold the 1.2m3 bins. 

Poly Bin

Volumes: 1.0 m3

Application: This universal bin made of poly is lightweight and can be labeled to hold a variety of waste streams.



Municipal Solid Waste Bin

Volumes: 2.7 m3

Application: Used for domestic waste containment in remote locations were traditional front-load services are not available.

Features: This is a metal bin with a lockable lid to keep out wildlife and contain waste.  


Volumes: 1.2 m3 2.7 m3

Application: For NORM contaminated filters, PPE and non-re-usable solid materials.

Features: Clearly labeled and coloured specifically (Green) to allow for the segregation of waste on your site.

Tramp/ Recycling Bin

Volumes: 2.7 m3

Application: Used for the containment of contaminated plastic and debris such as pails, empty sample containers, insulation and packaging.

Tervita Bag

Volumes: 1.0 m3

Application: Our bags are ideal for small volume contaminated soil, catalyst, activated carbons, solid sulphur and desiccants. Available bags include Filter Bag, Soil Bag and Free Standing Soil Bag.

Open and Closed Top Drums

Volumes: 205 L

Application: These drums can be decaled specifically for your waste streams on site.

Features: Used for small volume solid waste, or liquid waste needing recycling or disposal.

Battery Bins

Volumes: 0.25 m3 0.5 m3 0.75m3

Application: Ideal for lead-acid batteries (vehicle or equipment) and other liquid electrolytes.

Features: For when you need safe containment of batteries. Note, pails can also be provided to further segregate small-sized batteries within the bin.

Open Top Roll-Off Bin

Volumes: 20 yd3 30 yd3 40 yd3

Application: Used for companies generating construction and demolition debris, municipal solid waste and other recyclable streams.

Features: Designed open top for handling large, bulky waste, rear-end gate can be opened for walk-in access if required.

Bear-Proof Roll-Off Bin

Volumes: 30 yd3

Application: Ideal for camp waste, housing projects, parks, and other high volume municipal waste generators.

Features: Multiple access points allow for easy loading either from ground or dock level.

Sludge Bin

Volumes: 15 yd3 20 yd3 30 yd3

Application: Ideal for processed sludges, contaminated soils, desiccant and catalysts.

Features: Heavy-duty construction with 1/4 inch floor and 3/16 inch walls with sealed lid and door. This bin allows you to keep the waste fully separate from the environment.

Cement Bin

Volumes: 10 yd3

Application: Ideal for storage and solidifying cement returns.

Features: Designed for easy movement, loading and unloading to reduce handling costs. Cam lock spouts for safe loading, sealed end gates and space to add 1.2m3 hazardous bins if required.

Combo Bin

Volumes: 30 yd3

Application: Specifically designed for multiple waste streams such as municipal solid waste, metal, wood recyclables, contaminated soil, filters, rags and liquid wastes such as glycol and used oil.

Features: Multiple access points and compartments for separating waste and reducing your footprint from 5 bins to 1. Bulk containment bays have segregation gates to keep streams separate.

Self-Dumping Crane Skip Bin

Volumes: 9000lb

Application: The bin can be used for normal waste streams including catalyst, carbon (solid vessel material), small piping, concrete and soil cleanups.

Features: The vertical spring latch holds the lift arm in an upright position to allow a vertical lift while the bin remains horizontal which eliminates spill hazards.