Centrifuge Separation & Processing

Centrifugation significantly reduces and diverts volumes of waste transported for disposal.

It allows you to recover valuable resources including oil, water and process fluids directly on your site to sell and reuse. Our systems are scalable and flexible to handle different waste streams and built to be the right size for your operations.

Our onsite centrifuge separation and processing systems recover value streams that are typically lost in waste. We use 2 and 3 phase centrifugation and processing for:

  • Oil recovery, slop and sludge separation and processing
  • Tank bottoms and cleanings
  • Drilling fluid recovery and cuttings management
  • De-sand material
  • Lime sludge (both inline and ponds)
  • Tailings
  • Chemical recovery including glycol or amines
  • Inline sludge, slurry and instream solids management

Our available equipment includes:

  • Alpha Laval centrifuges - two and three-phase separation capabilities, large and small bowl
  • Mud Cat and Pit Hog dredges – manned and unmanned capabilities
  • Filter press trailers
  • Filtration pots - various media, throughput and pressure capability
  • Heat exchangers and boilers
  • Tanks - agitated, cone bottom, open top and storage tanks
  • Pumps - various size and throughput, high solids handling capability
  • Bins – various sizes and configurations for processing and storage
  • Required support equipment – generators, rentals, scrubbers, yellow iron, etc.

By choosing a Tervita solution, you receive access to our extensive team of experts and equipment fleet that can be deployed in very short notice. No matter the technical requirements, we typically can turn around centrifuge projects from site assessment to the first production in 2-3 weeks. Our ability to bundle our environmental and waste management solutions into a truly customized program gives you what you need, when you need it.