Environmental Consulting

Our Environmental Consulting Services team provides multi-disciplinary environmental management throughout western Canada. 

The Consulting Services division develops site-specific solutions to help you manage liability while focusing on safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  We understand environmental regulatory requirements, maintain excellent relationships with regulators in all our jurisdictions, and work with them on your behalf.

Our team is comprised of qualified professionals with a wide range of expertise which allows the application of creative solutions to a variety of environmental challenges.  Projects are supervised and completed by professional members qualified to sign technical reports and declarations for assessment, remediation and reclamation projects.  We can use an integrated approach with other divisions within Tervita where applicable, to provide you with overall cost savings.

Tervita has a proven track record for handling the project management, logistics, safety, cost tracking and execution of environmental projects in a timely, technically sound, and cost-effective manner.

Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) and Site Investigations

ESAs and site investigations are integral to the successful development of a project. Tervita’s team of experts is well versed in varied assessment and investigation requirements for upstream and downstream sites in Western Canada. The assessments are planned in stages or phases to ensure environmental compliance. Phase 1 ESA, and Preliminary Site Investigations in BC, are used to evaluate historical and current land use and assess whether a site may have potential areas and contaminants of environmental concern.

Phase 2 ESAs and Detailed Site Investigations, use sampling and testing to quantify and analyze the extent of contaminants within any identified areas of environmental concern. This data allows our team to better understand the environmental risks and develop a cost-effective and expedient plan for the site. Tervita is experienced with site-specific guidelines (example: Tier 2 criteria) including pathway exclusion, criteria modification and the use of the Alberta Subsoil Salinity Tool.

Remediation & Reclamation

The Tervita Environmental Consulting team has extensive experience planning and implementing multiple remediation strategies that fit our customer’s budget, risk level and timeframe for site closure.  This includes in-situ or ex-situ treatments, drilling waste disposal area (DWDA) remixes, groundwater programs as well as standard excavation programs.

Our experienced reclamation supervisors largely consist of foresters and agrologists that take pride in working with multiple stakeholders to ensure that a site is properly reclaimed to its pre-disturbed state, meets regulatory requirements, and results in satisfied landowners.  Once the reclamation earthwork is complete, Tervita personnel conduct vegetation management, detailed site assessments for reclamation, and applications for reclamation certificates or equivalent, in Western Canada.

Approvals Monitoring, Liability Assessments and Audits

To support your environmental and business goals, our team is experienced in several types of audits and assessments.

  • Soil monitoring programs
  • Groundwater and surface water monitoring programs
  • AEPEA approvals
  • Environmental audits
  • Acquisition and divestment liability assessments
  • Site-specific liability assessments