Dredging & Dewatering

Tervita provides a full spectrum of environmental services to our clients.

In addition to our core offering of environmental contracting, we provide dredging and dewatering solutions for industrial and municipal customers throughout North America. These solutions provide the benefits of having a complete water or sludge management plan and the right team to execute it. Proper dredging and dewatering management can save significant time and energy by reducing waste disposal needs. We work on behalf of our customers during the planning phase of operations right through the complete project duration.

We provide a broad range of dredging and dewatering services to our clients. We offer solutions and options for our customers before committing to one service application to maximize production and minimize costs. Our management and technical solutions include:

  • Lake or Pond Dredging
  • Lime Pond Dewatering
  • Filter Press Operation
  • Dredging Hydrocarbon Wastes
  • Fixed Facility Management and Operation
  • Emergency Response
  • Process Engineering Design and Support
  • Geotextile Tube Applications
  • Residuals Management
  • Pond Profiling
  • Hazardous Sludge Removal and Disposal 
  • Back-End Water Treatment Systems
  • Centrifuge Dewatering
  • Hydro Graphic Survey
  • Liner Inspection
  • Pond Decommissioning
  • Pilot Systems
  • Sludge Dewatering Studies

Our Dredging and Dewatering group consists of a team of experienced field Technicians, Superintendents, Operations and Equipment Coordinators, and Project Managers. All our staff are dedicated to finding the solutions our customers are seeking for their water and sludge management issues. The diversity of knowledge and expertise in many different types of water and sludge treatment, from fixed facility to mobile equipment, can significantly improve the efficiency of a project and lower your costs.

We can provide a complete array of dredging and dewatering equipment and consumables including:

  • Dredging Equipment
  • Mobile Filter Press
  • Treatability Laboratory
  • Mobile Centrifuges
  • Geotextile Tubes
  • Mobile Clarifiers with Hydro-Cyclone
  • Piping and Hose Supplies
  • Storage Tanks up to 21,000 gal.
  • Dewatering and Booster Pumps
  • Activated Carbon Media Supply
  • Water Treatment Filters
  • Chemical Injection/PH and Chemicals Adjust Units
  • Automated Water Treatment
  • Monitoring Trailers

We have been providing dredging and dewatering services to a diverse group of companies for over 10 years. We have the personnel and equipment to specialize in meeting Environmental Criteria, no matter what the project parameters entail.