Environmental Field Services

Our Environmental Consulting Services division develop site-specific solutions to help you manage liability while focusing on safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Demolition & Decommissioning
As Western Canada's trusted source for extensive demolition, decommissioning and complete site remediation projects, we are fully conversant with the oil and gas industry's exacting regulatory standards and are equipped to manage industrial demolition projects of any size and complexity.
Derailment Response & Remediation
Our Rail Services division provides Class 1, Short Line and Industrial Rail Way operators with 24/7/365 emergency derailment response, asset recovery and site cleanup services. 
Environmental Construction
We have specialized knowledge and techniques in the construction of effective impermeable structures, containment through barrier construction and the prevention of groundwater migration to help you through the exploration and production stages of your project.
Metals Recycling
Our metals recycling service helps to ensure that you secure the highest returns from your company's scrap metal waste.
Remediation & Reclamation
We are a leading Canadian remediation contractor specializing in the segregation, handling, and treatment of contaminated soils, water and hazardous wastes.
Sulphur Services
We provide economical and innovative sulphur solutions to enable you to effectively manage the sulphur by-products associated with the refining of natural gas, oil and bitumen.
Water Treatment
We provide a full realm of water and sludge treatment and management for our customers.