NORM Disposal Facilities

We are Canada's leading Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) management services company, providing a full suite of services designed to fully inform, train and protect employees from NORM exposures.

We ensure that NORM wastes are safely handled, transported and disposed of while keeping your company in compliance with NORM regulations.

Naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) are present in the environment at relatively safe levels but can often be concentrated as a result of specific industrial processes. For example, NORM may appear during the processing of reservoir formation water, concentrate as random gas within ethane and propane equipment, collect in the form of scale inside process equipment or piping or decay into a solid as light dust.

The possibility of ingestion or inhalation of these substances poses serious health risks for people and the environment and can create costly liability issues. That's why natural resource producers in the oil and gas, fertilizer, power generation, water treatment and mining sectors must be prepared to protect their employees, their assets and the public from potentially hazardous exposures to NORM.  In addition, because NORM materials are partially exempt from Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission governance, NORM materials and employee exposures must adhere to provincial, territorial and/or federal regulations.

We meet customers' needs for on-site expertise and support with our team of Radiation Safety Officers (RSO). All of our personnel are fully trained and capable of sampling, handling, surveying, waste identification, packaging, transporting and disposal of NORM-impacted waste and materials. We ensure your company is in compliance with NORM regulations and devise customized NORM safety training tailored to your operation and specific NORM exposure or waste management challenges.

We have created the industry's first NORM awareness training course and have served as an adviser to the many regulatory bodies involved in developing Canada's NORM regulations.

We operate two of the four licensed disposal facilities available in Canada (in Unity, Saskatchewan and Fort St. John, British Columbia). As well, we operate a licensed decontamination facility in Standard, Alberta and several mobile units. The facilities feature:

  • Pressurized clean and dirty change rooms for employee protection
  • Personal gamma radiation dose rate monitoring
  • Work area gamma radiation dose rate monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring wells with radionuclide testing
  • Dual HDPE liners with a leak detection system for environmental protection
  • Radiation protection procedures

Decontamination methods include ultra-high water pressures up to 40,000 PSI, chemical chelants and specialized mechanical decontamination units.  

Our NORM Management services and facilities are offered in Canada. Please contact us if you have a requirement beyond this geography.