Onsite Services

Centrifuge Separation & Processing
Centrifugation significantly reduces and diverts volumes of waste transported for disposal.
Dredging & Dewatering
In addition to our core offering of environmental contracting, we provide dredging and dewatering solutions for industrial and municipal customers throughout North America.
Our mobile filtration equipment is targeted towards the oil and gas industry is backed by fully trained staff and operators competent in delivery, set up and operations.
Pond Management
Our customized modular pond sludge management solutions are operated as self-contained units and can be mobilized to your site and commissioned in as little as two weeks.
Solids Control
With over two decades of experience, our applications and solutions include conventional mud cleaning to remove low gravity solids, barite recovery and cuttings drying or secondary mud recovery systems to mitigate waste generation at the source.
Water Management
We provide a full realm of water/sludge treatment and management for our customers, offering a complete water/sludge management plan and the right team to execute it.