Pond Management

Our customized modular pond sludge management solutions are operated as self-contained units and can be mobilized to your site and commissioned in as little as two weeks.

There are multiple ways to remove sediment or sludge from owner sites. We provide a full spectrum of pond management options to our customers which includes the following:

The decanter or two-phase, centrifuge processing units are designed specifically to separate solids or fine particles from fluids. This material is typically generated from a fine tailings, grey water, slop or sludge stream.

Our Filter Press units create a dry material after processing similar material to the centrifuge. Filter Press units will typically process sludge less quickly than the centrifuge but provide a drier material. Our self-contained Filter Press can be brought in on an as-needed basis, or committed to a job for a monthly rental fee.

Our excavation expertise, project management skills, extensive asset list and comprehensive safety program combine to provide our customers with a timely cost-effective and complete excavation package for directly removing heavy solids from industrial ponds.

We operate many dredges sized for industrial ponds and small wetlands to remove sediment material for further processing. Dredges can be useful for jobs that an excavator will struggle with sludge removal and where suction is required at certain depths too far from a pond’s edge.