Remediation & Reclamation

We are a leading Canadian remediation contractor specializing in the segregation, handling, and treatment of contaminated soils, water and hazardous wastes.

Our operators are trained and experienced in the identification and segregation of contaminated soils and our specialized earthworks equipment allows for more accurate separation of soils.

Five Stages of a Successful Wellsite Reclamation

To successfully remediate and reclaim a wellsite, there are five stages that a site must go through. Each stage has certain requirements to be met and ways Tervita can support you.

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We have extensive experience in all aspects of the excavation, transportation, and treatment or disposal of contaminated soils. Our teams of trained professional project managers, site supervisors, and equipment operators have successfully completed thousands of such projects. This includes planning activities such as utility locates, geotechnical evaluation and communications with local governing authorities. We analyze each remediation challenge and offer a variety of strategies for eliminating the contamination. We have the capacity, experience and equipment inventory to direct large and complex remedial projects involving the excavation of large soil volumes.  

  • Soil excavation, transport and disposal
  • Underground storage tank removal
  • Water management and disposal
  • Supply and installation of remediation systems
  • Flare pit, well site and pipeline remediation
  • Bioremediation and soil treatment
  • Landfill decommissioning

We are also experienced with a variety of in situ environmental remediation strategies, using equipment that enables us to address soil contamination at its source. With solutions like chemical injection and vapour extraction, we inhibit the migration of contaminants and speed up their natural decomposition. We offer an extensive inventory of specialized environmental remediation equipment & installation services.

We have constructed many and varied types and sizes of bioremediation cells as large as 200,000 tonnes in order to meet the economic and liability needs of our customers. These include:

  • Above or below ground cell construction 
  • Leachate collections system
  • Powered ventilation, passive ventilation or no-ventilation cells 
  • Earthen or concrete wall construction
  • Use of various liner types i.e.: HDPE, PVC, and RPE

Neutralizing and relocating large volumes of tailings and waste rock material are challenging aspects of mine site rehabilitation. We are an experienced leader in large mine site rehabilitation and have earned the distinction of successfully installing North America's largest geosynthetic clay liner tailings capping system. Our expertise also extends to dredging services for recovering lake bed sediments and water treatment plant design, construction and operation.  

Our ability to integrate our in-house capabilities across the entire spectrum of mining rehabilitation requirements offers customers a convenient, cost-effective, single source for mining rehabilitation.

Supporting Our Industry and Environment in More Ways Than One

JULY 2 /
Tervita has been supporting the environmental efforts of the OWA for several years and is proud to be listed as a Prime Contractor for both their Pipeline and Facility Decommissioning and Remediation and Reclamation work.

Creative Planning Helps to Successfully Return Former Wellsite to Pre-Disturbed State

MAY 15 /
In 2017 our customer intended to close one of their wellsites and return the land to its surrounding land use. Their commitment to environmental compliance and safety brought Tervita to the forefront with a creative way to bring the site back to the natural environment.