Treatment Recovery & Disposal

We own and operate the largest fleet of strategically situated treatment, recovery and disposal (TRD) facilities that can handle the complete spectrum of petroleum industry waste by-products – from initial drilling through to production and reclamation/closure.

Utilizing our network of centrifuges as a segment of a processing component in our facilities, we separate the oilfield waste products into three streams: hydrocarbons, wastewater and solids. From contaminated drilling muds and completion fluids to tank-bottom sludge, our TRD facilities treat, recover and dispose of all upstream petroleum waste in the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner possible. 

We process customers' emulsion into clean production water and saleable crude oil, then dispose of produced water and inject clean oil into a shipping pipeline. 

Once the emulsion has been processed into both oil and water phases, we can market customers' oil through all our facilities. The convenient locations of our TRDs provide convenient and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Our single shipper status enables us to gather and direct hydrocarbons into the pipeline grid very efficiently. We will provide competitive pricing for crude oil and producers can deliver products to market via our TRD network or utilize it as a valuable backup service should operational challenges requiring alternate transportation and delivery arise. We follow through with timely, accurate reporting to pipeline operators, shippers, regulators and customers.