Trenchless Construction

Tervita, through its recent acquisition of Main Line Industries, has a trenchless services team that has the technology and expertise to support your subsurface drilling needs.

We have multiple types of technology to meet your goals and site requirements.

The Horizontal Auger Boring process to minimize disruption to traffic and the environment as the process is unaffected by surface obstacles.

Pipe Ramming, a trenchless method for installing steel pipes, ducts and culverts is an ideal method for projects such as railway lines and roads where surface settling would be of concern. 

Our precision Guided Boring System installs small diameter pipe online and grade. The system uses video monitoring of an illuminated target through a theodolite, a surveying instrument with a rotating telescope for measuring horizontal and vertical angles. With the use of video surveillance, the Guided Boring Method can produce exact results for gravity sewer and water.

Once the guided head reaches the reception shaft, a reaming head and auger tubes with flighting are installed to follow the guideline and bore the line clear.