Water Treatment

We provide a full realm of water and sludge treatment and management solutions.

These services are provided to customers who realize the benefits of having a complete water and sludge management plan and the right team to execute it. We are prepared to work on your behalf during the planning phase of operations right through the complete project duration and are set-up to respond quickly to any and all un-foreseen water problems that materialize.

We provide a full spectrum of water and sludge treatment services to our customers. Our management and technical services in water/ sludge treatment include:

  • Erosion and sediment control systems
  • Stormwater management and treatment
  • Construction water treatment
  • Hydrocarbon contaminated water
  • Metals contaminated water and sludge treatment
  • Concrete cure water and pH adjustment
  • Fixed facility management options
  • Dredgeate processing
  • Pond sludge management
  • Emergency response
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Lab analysis and bench testing
  • Chemical supply
  • Reverse osmosis treatment

Our Environmental Technologies group is a team of experienced Project Managers, Operations and Equipment Coordinators, Field Technicians and Superintendents. Our team is dedicated to finding the solutions our customers are seeking for any water management issues. We possess diverse knowledge and expertise across many different types of water treatment systems, ranging from fixed facilities to mobile equipment and can significantly improve the efficiency of a project and lower the cost to the customer.

We provide a complete array of water treatment equipment and consumables including:

  • Carbon/media pressure vessels
  • Pressure filtration vessels
  • Pond dredges
  • Mobile clarifiers
  • Chitosan enhanced sand filtration system
  • Storage tanks up to 21,000 gallons
  • Pumps
  • Activated carbon media supply
  • Water treatment filters and chemicals
  • Chemical injection/PH adjust units
  • Water quality monitoring units
  • Piping & hose supplies
  • Reverse osmosis units
  • Filter presses
  • Bag filters
  • Centrifuges