Environment, Social and Governance

We have released our inaugural Sustainability Report focusing on key metrics and achievements from 2019, and laying the foundation for our sustainability strategy and commitments for the future.

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We believe the growing importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors across all industries represents an opportunity for Tervita. Our business was founded on reducing environmental impact; and our ongoing success relies on integrating ESG goals and commitments into our company's growth strategy.

At Tervita, Earth Matters. We are committed to supporting the environmental compliance of our customers and leading by example by maintaining a strong environmental track record at our facilities and with all of our services. Our Health, Safety and Environment Policy describes our commitments and how we will achieve our goals.  In addition, many of our businesses enable our customers to reach their environmental goals, including:

  • recovering of pipeline-quality crude oil from customer waste at our Treatment Recovery and Disposal (TRD) facilities;
  • recycling and recovering scrap metal through our metals recycling business;
  • treating and reusing contaminated soil through our Environmental services business; and
  • remediating and rehabilitating closed and contaminated sites.

Wherever Tervita does business, we do it in alignment with our values. Our interactions are guided by our desire to build and maintain value-added, long-term relationships with communities, Indigenous peoples, regulatory and government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. We provide a respectful, safe, and engaging work environment where People Matter and diversity is considered an asset. For more information, please see our Indigenous Partnerships and our Community Investment activities.

For more information on Tervita's sustainability reporting and initiatives, please visit Our Responsibility